Ash Hill School – Doncaster

This much-needed replacement of out-dated secondary school buildings will deliver modern facilities, providing life-long benefits for pupils and staff in a welcoming and secure setting. This is an important project for the school and the local community, and there will be an emphasis on quality and innovation throughout the building programme.

The replacement block will provide new general teaching classrooms, specialist science labs, a performing arts area and a purpose-built student support centre/ reception in addition to new catering and dining facilities. Existing car parking to the east of the site will be relocated and replaced to facilitate the new build, and once the existing building is demolished, the centre of the site will be landscaped to provide a recreation area for the growing student population.

Project Summary

Control Panels – 1No (Form 2), 1No (Form 1)

Controllers – Trend IQ4E, IQView 4 Displays

Front End PC – IQ Vision

Plant Controlled/Monitored – Boilers, Primary/Secondary LTHW Pumps, Pressurisation Unit, Gas-Fired Water Heaters, HWS Secondary Pump, CWS Boosters & Tanks, Water Meters, General Extract Fans, Toilet Extract Fans, Heat Recovery Units, Fume Cupboards, Windcatchers, Kitchen AHU, DX Units, Radiant Panels

Integration – Electric Meters (Modbus), VRF (BACNet/IP), Windcatchers (BACNet/MSTP)


Wheatley M & E Ltd