Hiscox Building – York

Hiscox Insurance commissioned a state of the art 4-storey office building in the heart of York and is designed with a curved glass front, three open plan floors and a roof terrace.

The building is a standard, structural concrete poured into timberĀ forms to create an architecturally stunning result. Dotted throughout the building are a number of large-scale artworks, most notably a de-commissioned Soviet missile which seems poised to launch through the atrium skylight.



Project Summary

Control Panels – 4No. (Form 2)

Trend Controllers – IQ3, IQVIEW8 Displays

Front End PC – 963 Supervisor

Plant Controlled – LTHW Boilers, Pumps (Packaged Inverters), Gas Detection, Radiant Panels, CWS Booster & Tanks, HWS Calorifiers, Toilet Extract Ventilation, Kitchen Ventilation, AHU’s, leak Detection, Toilet CWS Solenoids, Trench Heating, Door Curtains

Interfacing – Electric Meters (Modbus), Utility Meters (MBus), Downflow Units (BACnet), Packaged AHU’s (Modbus)


BAM Construction, North East, Ltd