Leeds Playhouse – Leeds

At nearly 30 years of age, the Playhouse is showing its age and hasn’t kept up with the aspirations of many people.

The newly refurbished theatre will be accessible to everyone; and will have an entrance that embraces the city of Leeds; will be versatile, enabling it to stage and create diverse work across three scales with the inclusion of the Bramall Rock Void Studio, and will be able to generate more of its own income, reduce costs and cut its impact on the environment.

Throughout the building there will be: a new restaurant and bar; improved facilities including baby changing and family friendly area; upgraded seating within both theatre including an extra 50 seats in the Courtyard and 100 in the Quarry including new accessible positions for wheelchair access; a new city-facing entrances with lifts to all levels within the theatre.

Project Summary

Control Panels – 1No. (Form 1), 2No. (Form 2)

Controllers – Trend IQ4E

Front End PC – Trend IQ Vision

Plant Controlled/Monitored – CWS Boosters & Tanks, Pressurisation Unit, CT Pumps, VT Pumps, Gas-Fired Water Heater, DHWS Secondary Pump, Cafe Ventilation, Toilet Ventilation, ASHP’s, Sump Pumps, Trench Heating, VAV Units, AHU’s (Packaged), Restaurant & Kitchen & Ventilation, General Extract Systems, MVHR Units, Dye Booth Extract System, Spray Booth Extract System, Radiant Heaters

Integration – Electric Meters (Modbus) Packaged AHU’s (BACNet/IP)


BAM Construction Ltd