Abbey Primary School – Mansfield

At Abbey each child is special. Their mission is to provide the best possible education for each child.

At the heart of the vision for Abbey lies the child. All children are different and all children are special and should be treated as such. The primary purpose is to enhance the quality of children’s learning through the effective and efficient delivery of the curriculum. The school is committed to honesty, sensitivity and responsibility in all relationships and adopts a philosophy of continuous improvement in every aspect of the school’s work and life.



Project Summary

Control Panels – 2No. (Form 2)

Controllers – Trend IQ4E, IQVIEW4 Display

Plant Controlled/Monitored – LTHW Boilers, Pumps (Packaged Inverters), Gas Detection, HWS Water Heaters, AHU’s, General Extract Ventilation, VAV Boxes, CAV Boxes, Underfloor Heating

Integration – Electric Meters (Modbus), Packaged AHU’s (BACnet/IP)


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