Headingley Stadium – Leeds

A major redevelopment of Headingley stadium is currently underway which will see two stands at the cricket and rugby ground knocked down and rebuilt which will help guarantee that international and test cricket can continue to be hosted in Leeds.





Project Summary

Control Panels – 2No. (Form 1), 2No. (Form 2)

Controllers – Trend IQ4E, IQVIEW8 Display, IQVIEW4 Display

Front End PC – Trend 963 Supervisor

Plant Controlled/Monitored – Boilers, Shunt Pumps, Pressurisation Unit, CT Pumps, VT Pumps, CWS Booster & Tanks, HWS PHX’s, HWS Secondary Pump, Kitchen Ventilation, Gas Proving, General AHU (Packaged)

Integration – Electric Meters (Modbus)


G&H Building Services Ltd