Lewisham Hospital – Lewisham

Situated at the heart of the borough, University Hospital Lewisham is a teaching hospital that obtained University status in 1997 due to the role it plays in undergraduate education and research.

As well as providing the majority of services of a traditional general hospital, it provides specialist services in a number of important areas, including:

Children’s Day Care Surgery, Neonatal Intensive Care, Cystic Fibrosis Treatement, Ear, Nose & Throat Services, Vascular Surgery, Midwife-led Birth Centre

Project Summary

Control Panels – 4No (Form 1)

Controllers – Trend IQ4E, IQVIEW8 Display

Front End PC – Existing Trend 963

Plant Controlled/Monitored – Theatre AHU’s, Surgeon’s Panel, Re-Heater Batteries, CT Pumps, CHW Pumps

Integration – Electric Meters (Modbus)


Howorth Air Technology Ltd