South Yorkshire Police Custody Suite – Barnsley

The 20-cell suite is located on Churchfield as part of the Barnsley Headquarters building, replacing the existing suite on the site. The new environment is safer, more cost effective and brings better conditions for those using and working in the suite.

The new suite in Barnsley forms part of a £19m project to improve custody facilities across South Yorkshire.




Project Summary (Main Plant)

Control Panels – 1No. (Form 2)

Controllers – Trend IQ4E

Front End PC – Trend 963 Supervisor (TOPPS)

Plant Controlled/Monitored – AHU’s, HWS Heaters, Pumps (Packaged Inverters), Fan Coil Units (VRF)

Integration – Packaged AHU’s (Modbus), Electric Meters (Modbus), VRF System (BACNet/IP)

Project Summary (Cell Smoke Extract System)

Control Panels – 2No. (Form 1)

Controllers – Trend IQ4E


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