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Euler Academy– Hull

Euler Free School is a brand-new specialist primary provision for children aged 5-11 with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) as their primary need.


Project Summary

Control Panels – 1No (Form 2)

Controllers – IQ4E, IQVIEW4 Display

Front End PC – IQ Vision

Plant Controlled/Monitored – Gas Proving, Pressurisation Unit, Boilers, VT Pumps, CT Pumps, Water Heaters, Door Curtain, HWS Secondary Pump, Kitchen AHU, General Extract Fans, CWS Booster & Tanks, HRU’s, Radiant Panels, Gas/Water Meters, Leak Detection, Windcatchers

Integration – Electric Meters (Modbus), Windcatchers (Modbus)

Customer - Elecomm

Barking & Dagenham College

Barking & Dagenham College is a mixed further education college in Rush Green, Romford, Essex, England. It is one of the leading providers of intermediate, advanced and higher apprenticeship training in London, working with around 300 employer clients each year.

Project Summary

Control Panels – 1No (Form2)

Controllers – Trend IQ4E, IQVIEW8 Display

Front End PC – N/A

Plant Controlled/Monitored – Gas Proving, CWS Booster, HWS, CWS Tanks, Toilet Extract,

Integration – Daikin D-Bacs (BACNet/IP), NVHR Units (BACNet/MSTP), Electric Meters (Modbus)

Customer - Carmel (UK) Ltd

Ash Hill School – Doncaster

This much-needed replacement of out-dated secondary school buildings will deliver modern facilities, providing life-long benefits for pupils and staff in a welcoming and secure setting.

Project Summary

Control Panels – 1No (Form 2), 1No (Form 1)

Controllers – Trend IQ4E, IQView 4 Displays

Front End PC – IQ Vision

Plant Controlled/Monitored – Boilers, Primary/Secondary LTHW Pumps, Pressurisation Unit, Gas-Fired Water Heaters, HWS Secondary Pump, CWS Boosters & Tanks, Water Meters, General Extract Fans, Toilet Extract Fans, Heat Recovery Units, Fume Cupboards, Windcatchers, Kitchen AHU, DX Units, Radiant Panels

Integration – Electric Meters (Modbus), VRF (BACNet/IP), Windcatchers (BACNet/MSTP)

Customer - Wheatley M&E Ltd

Lancaster University 

The Spine Remodelling project aims to rejuvenate what is arguably one of the most used ‘rooms’ on the Lancaster University campus. Although it is currently used as a route for many people to get from one end of the campus to the other, the vision is for something much more.

Project Summary

Control Panels – 2No. (Form 2)

Controllers – Trend IQ4E, IQVIEW4 Display

Front End PC – Trend 963 Supervisor

Plant Controlled/Monitored – General and Emergency Lighting

Customer - HE Barnes Ltd



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